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Onderstaand artikel verscheen in de Nieuwsbrief van de Antroposofische vereniging in Engeland:

Eurythmy in Motion
an impulse to further develop eurythmy


Following our article in the 4/2020 edition of the Newsletter, where we wrote about the collaboration between nature beings (mediated by Verena Staël von Holstein 1) – doctors, eurythmists and eurythmy therapists in the further development of eurythymy and eurythmy therapy, we would like to share that Wieger Veerman, together with anthroposophical family doctor Liesbeth Kuhlemaijer, has organised training days and courses for colleagues in the Netherlands. Wieger has also gradually compiled all the study material into two exercise and study books for eurythmy therapists and doctors amounting to 400 pages! Here you will find a large number of exercises in several thematic groups and modules brought into a system. (see Margaret Jonas’ review of one of the booklets that has been translated on p. 53 of this Newsletter).

In the seminar-based further training courses, participants are introduced to the method through the exercises. Many Dutch colleagues have joined over the years and are enthusiastic about the further development and the results they are achieving in practice. Internationally, what has been created in the Netherlands with Eurythmy in Motion has not gone unnoticed. After five international eurythmy conferences, the group now consists of 43 participants from 11 different countries.

Current topics include hyper-sensitivity, radiation exposure and electro-smog, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent development of the mRNA and vector vaccines. The 40 therapeutic exercises that have been developed so far focus on maintaining, building up and restoring immunity; treating the consequences of infections; preventing vaccination side effects; and treating the consequences of vaccination for the member-sheaths of the human being.

New Courses In the meantime, Liesbeth and Wieger have started to prepare a new series of international eurythmy conferences, as interest remains high. This first seminar for doctors and eurythmy therapists will take place from 21st – 23rd October 2022 in Deventer, Holland.

Unfortunately, no doctors from the UK have been attending these courses so far. If you are a doctor and feel at all drawn to this work please do get in touch. The course in Holland is in German, but we will be offering a short introductory one-day workshop in Britain on 12th November to which you would be most welcome!




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