Eurythmy in Motion, a broadening initiative.

Human beings working together with elemental spirits beings
Since 2006 there has been regular contact between anthroposophical doctors, eurythmists, eurythmy therapists, and elemental spirit beings. The main question that they addressed was whether eurythmy therapy as developed by Rudolf Steiner could be developed further. According to doctors and eurythmists, human beings and the illnesses they are suffering from, have changed so much in the past decades that new modern clinical pictures, have emerged. Do these changes mean that eurythmy needs extending and developing?

The first conversation took place at the invitation of spirit beings, who are extremely interested in communicating with human beings. The person facilitating these conversations is Verena Staël von Holstein, who has been connected with spirit beings since her childhood, and she has been training herself for decades to be able to exchange conceptual information with them (1).

Verena Staël von Holstein is not a medium. She fully consciously communicates with the spirit beings being; at the same time, she translates between the German language and the etheric language, spoken by the spirit beings (2). She does this in appreciation and consideration of anthroposophical terminology and contents; she grew up in this context and this remains the centre of her life today.

Complementary indications for eurythmy therapy in relation to Rudolf Steiner’s indications
Additional indications for eurythmy therapy were given by spirit beings with whom Verena Staël von Holstein is in contact. These indications in no way contradict those given by Rudolf Steiner. Much more, they create a complement, a continuation, and a deepening of his work that began about 100 years ago. Such developments will be necessary in the future too, because human beings and their illnesses are constantly changing.
All the given indications and exercises have been thoroughly discussed, developed and tested by different anthroposophical doctors and eurythmy therapists. This initiative allows everyone who wants to learn about it, to develop his or her own free relationship to it. The spirit beings who wish to communicate and work with us do this with the intention to be of help: they do not want to tell us what to do.

Study and develop this initiative in your own practice
Eurythmists need to study these indications and suggestions given on their own to develop their own experiences, and decide for themselves how to proceed. This new work in Eurythmy has only been able to come into the world over the past 12 years. It has grown and evolved over these years because the spirit beings have collaborated intensely with human beings. Professional, scrupulous and highly respected work has now been going on with the new exercises in several countries for 10 years.

Two booklets have now been published in English in which further explanations are given. The Introduction is a summary of the main points of this new eurythmy impulse.
The Overview is more extensive and brings a deeper understanding of the source.
Anyone who would like to receive one or more booklets in the form of a PDF file can send an
e-mail with the necessary information to
A donation to the Stichting Rozenhart (Roseheart Foundation) is particularly appreciated

(1) Flensburger Heft 107, Neues Hellsehen, Interview with Verena Staël von Holstein
(2) GA 118, The Event of the Appearance of Christ in the Etheric World

Who we are

Wieger Veerman

Wieger Veerman is a therapeutic eurythmist working in his private practice Irtha in Warnsveld as well as teaching eurythmy at the Waldorf School in Deventer, Netherlands.
He also gives workshops for adults in speech- and tone eurythmy.

In 2012 Wieger got in touch with this broadening initiative of eurythmy and was immediately impressed by the clarity and pureness of it. All this came to him through the therapeutic eurythmists who already were working with this expanded way of eurythmy.

Meanwhile he introduced this eurythmy initiative in the Netherlands to his colleague eurythmists, – therapists and anthroposophical doctors.
The response was very positive and as a result several training days took place.

All the information conveyed by the nature- and spirit beings in addition to this widening initiative of eurythmy, was brought together in cooperation with Verena Staël von Holstein. He later translated it into the Dutch language.

Out of this collaboration with Verena Staël von Holstein two workbooks originated, consisting of 400 pages filled with 300 exercises, for his colleagues in Holland to work with in a precise and focused way.

Because of the large number of questions that arose out of the work, Liesbeth Kuhlemaijer (anthroposophical doctor) and Wieger Veerman organized in 2019 the first international conference with the theme: ‘How can I stay healthy in doing my work?’

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Liesbeth Kuhlemaijer

As an anthroposophical doctor Liesbeth Kuhlemaijer is connected to Therapeuticum De Es in the city of Apeldoorn, Netherlands.

From the start of her work with the nature-and spirit beings in 2012 she has taken on the task to incorporate the received information within the anthroposophical art of healing.

In studying and comprehending the various different exercises that have been developed as a result of the communication with the nature- and spirit beings, she takes embryology as her starting point.

It is striking and impressive to ascertain how often these pointers are in line with the scientific findings of today’s embryology.

Since 2016 Liesbeth Kuhlemaijer and Wieger Veerman have been working closely together in training doctors and therapeutic eurythmists.


Christine van Draanen

Christine van Draanen started to develop the work with animals at the end of 2011.
Through her contact with Verena Staël von Holstein she received many exercises for animals from the spirit being Etschewit.
In 2018 the first international course for therapeutic eurythmy for animals took place at Hochstetterhof in Biberach, Germany.
Since 2018 she organises seminars in the Netherlands, Germany and England to pass it on to colleagues. These seminars take place on a farm with animals of different species.

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Sjaak Groot

Sjaak was trained as a physiotherapist, but decided to study eurhythmy because he wanted to work more holistically. He has been working as a eurythmy therapist in his practice in Alkmaar for quite some time now. In addition, he teaches in the classroom as a eurythmy pedagogue at the Waldorf school in Oudorp (Alkmaar) and in Bergen. He also gives study mornings with themes from Eurythmy in Motion.

When the first study day of Eurythmy in Motion was held in the Netherlands on 30 April 2016, he was struck by the thoroughness and precision of the preparatory basic exercises, offered by Wieger Veerman and Liesbeth Kuhlemaijer. Since then, he has attended all the study days and started giving study days himself.

He personally felt how important this broadening of eurhythmy therapy is. But did it work on the patients? The therapy results were so positive that he started to integrate this more and more into his practice.

The given methodology and modules provide a wide range of new possibilities, building on the rich foundation given by Rudolf Steiner.

For an interview with Sjaak Groot from 2017:

an interview with Sjaak Groot

Martine Meursing

Martine graduated as a eurythmist in 1997 and has been working as a eurythmy therapist since 2004.

Her practice “Hand in Hand” is located in Eindhoven and from there she works as far as Roermond and Maastricht.

Martine teaches at the Blue Flower Class to young people from special education and occasionally provides block courses for anyone who would like to do eurythmy. She is an in-depth exercise leader for students on the part-time eurythmy course at the Leiden University of Applied Sciences in the Southern Netherlands region.

When she was first introduced to the “Eurythmy in Motion” impulse (2012), she was just in the process of reinventing her own movement instrument. She had been introduced to Trager Approach (since 2009) and had discovered a world of deepening her feelings. Her patients also experienced that deepening. The inner perception became more awake in her. She began to see very different aspects in people’s movements and through them their being, and began to understand eurythmy anew by doing Trager Mentastics. That is a quality of movement of comfort, softness, relaxation. The attention is strongly focused inwards.

Eurythmy involves the periphery and the forces of the cosmos much more consciously, directs and appeals. One can be a bedding for the other.

When Wieger Veerman offered his first day of the course, Martine was there and she was there ever after. He had let the impulse ripen, made booklets, worked through and arranged the material, and in that way she could fully connect with it. After a few years and so many study days later (in 2021), Martine found herself in the position of co-teacher. How festive to grow into it like this, with one’s own way, one’s own patient experiences, and one’s own quality of movement. The way in which Wieger, Liesbeth and Martine alternate and complement each other creates a lot of joy and gratitude.

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